Angie Merritt

Angie Merritt has been teaching yoga for 11 years and practicing yoga for 12 years, having begun her practice at age 59. Angie was inspired by the changes she saw and felt in her body and mind as she did yoga to become a yoga teacher. She loved the growing connection to the wealth of information from her body that helped her slow her aging and manage the emotional side of life. She loved the growing strength, flexibility, and having clothes that fit, even as she saw decline in others of her age. She loved the growing clarity of mind, curiosity, and ability to learn new things as she became more resilient and adventurous.

Having completed basic 200-hour training through YogaFit International Teacher Training, she has continued past her 500-hour training with several specialized tracks, including Warriors, Warrior Kids, Ayurveda, and Athletes and is currently pursuing Yoga Therapy with YogaFit. 

She has added Qigong training with Roger Jahnke and the Integrative Institute for Qigong and Tai Chi and Tai Chi with Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health Institute.

Angie teaches a gentle chi infused yoga class specialized to the mobility or other issues of her students in both mat and chair formats, as well as more rigorous classes for more fit students. She teaches Tai Chi in easy formats also.

Her business name is Joyful Vitality School for Yoga and Health. Because of her concern for the complete health of her students it includes Food Cures U as a healthy eating component.  Let Joyful Vitality School for Yoga and Health empower your thrive.